What's wrong with Brady and the Offense? Take the Poll

There can be numerous reasons for the offense's lackluster play and stats. Complete turnover at receiver position, no tight end, RB injuries, Playing good Ds, late throws because Brady doesn't know which way the rookies will break, playing in monsoon, good pressure, play calling. The list goes on, but clearly Brady has not been Brady and the D has won the games for the most part.

Now clearly all these things can add up and one negative play on a drive can derail the offense. It seems like every drive has had a different reason to stall, and It likely a combination of these factors. Yet Brady hasn't seemed like Brady. Passes have been uncharacteristically off target limiting YAC. Decision making hasn't been the best. We re seeing receivers open and Brady targeting double coverage. Some passes high, some passes low, some behind, it just does't feel like vintage Brady.

Now this is not a sky is falling post because we have played good Ds and have a lot of play makers out, and rookies getting on the same page so I do expect to see a progression as player get healthy, but I am having doubts that we will see the completely dominant offense we have in the past. I think most Pats fan feel that in the end Brady is Brady and will pull out the game no matter, but is it possible that with age he is just not capable of pulling it out on his own any longer.

My question is are we seeing Brady post his peak or is it one or more of the other factors. Take the poll

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