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Patriots vs. Bengals: By the Numbers

Taking a look at some numbers that stood out from the New England Patriots 13-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in week five.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Taking a look at some numbers that stood out from the New England Patriots 13-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in week five:


Quarterback Tom Brady’s completion percentage Sunday, although there were three throw-aways and several dropped passes. Nonetheless, this game was a struggle for the passing offense, as they failed to get anything consistent going in that facet of the game. Brady wasn’t as accurate as usual, and his receivers and the play calling didn’t help.


Times that quarterback Tom Brady was sacked on Sunday. He was also hit eight times. We knew heading into the game that one of the keys to winning would be to keep Brady upright. The Patriots didn’t do that, and they lost. The Patriots particularly had struggles on the left side of the line with Nate Solder and Logan Mankins having down performance from first glance.


The number of dropped passes from Patriots receivers on Sunday. As much blame as Brady will probably take for his performance, he needs help. Getting sacked four times, hit eight, having receivers dropping passes, and have to throw the ball away constantly doesn’t help. It’s tough to say whether or not Brady is the same player he was just a couple of seasons ago, but he needs help. Take away the mistakes from receivers and throw aways, and Brady is 24/35 for a more than respectable 68.5% completion percentage.


Combined tackles from Brandon Spikes and Jerod Mayo, easily the best two performances from Patriots defenders on Sunday. Spikes in particular made his presence felt in the running game, often blitzing the A-gaps where Vince Wilfork would normally be holding up. With Wilfork out, Brandon Spikes is going to be the critical piece when it comes to defending the run. It was a good start for the run defense, as they allowed just 3.5 yards on 38 attempts aside from a 28-yard Giovani Bernard run in the second half.


The Patriots third down efficiency on offense. Seriously.


The Patriots longest time of possession on a drive. It was in the second quarter and ended in a punt. The Bengals, on the other hand, had four possessions in which they held the ball longer. The Patriots inability to move the ball consistently killed them.


The number of three and outs the Patriots forced against the Bengals. That’s a very impressive number, and highlights the amount of opportunities that the unit gave the offense.


Total number of punts by Patriots rookie punter Ryan Allen. The most impressive part of his afternoon was his placement. Five of his punts landed inside the Cincinnati 20 yard line.