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Laquan Williams released by the New England Patriots


On November 5th the New England Patriots signed wide receiver LaQuan Williams after releasing Austin Collie, but his tenure with the team has already come to an end. The 25-year-old receiver has already been cut, probably to open a roster spot for running back Shane Vereen.

After the signing was first announced I asked, "What's the point?" Ten days later, the song remains the same. Why even bother signing him? Williams has spent the majority of his career playing special teams, and couldn't crack an NFL roster this season after being let go by the Baltimore Ravens. I understood getting rid of Collie, but signing Williams didn't make any sense.

Clearly the New England Patriots playbook didn't make any sense to LaQuan, either, since he was caught tweeting Chad Ochocinco for advice. Ouch, of all people, huh? As one commenter said, that's like asking Aaron Hernandez for tips on how to find new friends in the area.

But I'm sure that's when the Pats realized he was a lost cause. Hopefully Bill Belichick and company at least got some information out of him on the Baltimore Ravens, looking far ahead to their Week 16 date with them.

On the bright side, this release opens up a roster spot for the electric Shane Vereen. The running back has been sidelined with a broken wrist since Week 1, but is set to return on Monday night against the Carolina Panthers. Vereen won't make a Rob Gronkowski type of impact on the field, but he adds a new, hot flare to an offense that could use it down the final stretch of the season.