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Easily the Best Conspiracy Theory Ever

Everyone knows that Bill Belichick is evil incarnate- but just how evil can he be?

Jim Rogash

Yes, I found this link by reading Bill Simmons's mail bag. Oh my goodness, this is glorious.

Welcome to the spin zone, where Bill Belichick's actions go far beyond that of an evil genius, and into the realm of just pure, unadulterated mastermind. Belichick's coaching tree spans far and wide, but the success of the Patriots hasn't followed his acolytes- what could the reason be? Why can't they emulate his winning tradition?

Bill Belichick's coaching tree is made up of all double agents.

Take the time to read the whole thread. It's made up of some incredible points:

1) Bill Belichick takes down the Jets (which he was to be coach until Bill Parcells took over) and inserts Mangini to further the destruction.

2) Takes down the Browns, who had the gall to fire him.

3) Takes down the Broncos, who ended the Patriots championship reign.

4) Takes down the Chiefs, who injured Tom Brady.

5) Takes down Notre Dame, who was a main enemy of his father's college team.

6) Belichick has a soft spot in his heart for the Giants, who started his career.

I mean, some of it's farfetched...but is it really? Everything just seems too perfect. Amazing.

Just...just go and read it as soon as possible. Pats Pulpit is not responsible for your head exploding.

And for those curious about the rest of the season:

Those are some of the teams who had Week 10 byes. The first three teams lost by a combined score of 105-51 this week. If the Patriots win against the Panthers, this transcends just idle conjecture and deserves to be thrust into the mainstream spotlight.