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GNOTD: Patriots Activate RB Shane Vereen



The Patriots have announced that they've activated running back Shane Vereen from the injured reserve, which sets him ready to play later today against the Carolina Panthers. Vereen broke his wrist in week 1 and has been sidelined ever since.

Vereen's return marks today as the first time the Patriots can field all their top offensive weapons at the same time. With All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski missing the early part of the season with a multitude of injuries, and with wide receiver Danny Amendola getting sidelined with a groin injury, and with running back Stevan Ridley getting dinged up, and with wide receiver Aaron Dobson missing the season opener with a hamstring injury...well, have the whole arsenal of weapons is a nice change of events.

Vereen is an extremely talented weapon, the jack-knife expected to take many of Aaron Hernandez's snaps. Vereen is good for 10-15 touches a game and is a 100 yard threat when he has the chance. Look for Vereen to play a larger-than-expected role in tonight's game as the Patriots tend to only activate players when the training wheels aren't needed.

The Patriots had an open roster spot with the release of wide receiver LaQuan Williams.