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Patriots Fumble Three Times, Trail Broncos 17-0

The Patriots fumbled the first quarter away and trail the Broncos 17-0.

Jared Wickerham

Well, the Patriots fumbled the first quarter away.  Literally.

The Patriots had a fumble on each of their first three possessions Sunday night.  The first, a Ridley fumble, was recovered by Von Miller for a touchdown.  The next drive was a Tom Brady strip sack, recovered by Denver inside the Patriots' ten yard line.  The third was a LeGarrette Blount mishandle, also recovered in Patriots territory.

All three fumbles resulted in a combined 17 points for the Broncos.  As a result, the Patriots trail the Broncos 17-0 early in the second quarter.  And that's about all you need to know from this game thus far.

This one could get out of hand quickly.