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Patriots vs. Steelers: Game Thread

Game thread for the Patriots week nine match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gregory Shamus

Today, the New England Patriots will play host to an old rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Neither season has turned out exactly how their respective fan bases have thought they would. The Patriots have had a slew of key injuries on defense and an offense that just hasn't clicked as hoped. Still, the Patriots sit at 6-2 halfway through the year. The Steelers, meanwhile, have experienced struggles in a lot of areas, from blocking to the running game and defense and have a disappointing 2-5 record as a result.

For the Patriots, they are at home and heading into the bye week. This is the type of game that they would really like to perform well in. They've yet to really play 60 good minutes of football, and this game represents a chance to capitalize on momentum created from the second half of the Miami game.

I'm predicting a Patriots win, but this has the making of a tough football game between two teams that don't really like each other. Greg's Prediction: Patriots 24 Steelers 17

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