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Steve Gregory Injury Update: Out a “Few Weeks” with Broken Thumb

Patriots safety Steve Gregory wil reportedly miss a few weeks with a broken thumb.

Jim Rogash

The news on the injury suffered by Patriots safety Steve Gregory is in, and it’s not good, but not entirely bad. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports:

That “few weeks” diagnosis is still pretty vague, and similar to the timetable that Shane Vereen was initially given after breaking a bone in his hand week one. That being said, Albert Breer of NFL Network wrote on Twitter that Gregory may not even end up missing a game if he can play in a cast:

So it looks like Gregory and the Patriots dodged a bullet here – as Gregory should definitely be in uniform for the stretch run and the playoffs. However, it does appear that the Patriots will need to adjust to life without their defensive communication leader and best tackling defensive back for the short term.