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Patriots Sign Two, Release WR Austin Collie

The Patriots continue to churn the back-end of their roster with multiple roster moves.

Rob Carr

Patriots wide receiver Austin Collie had an emerging role in the Patriots offense, offering one of the more clutch performances in the comeback against the Saints. After the final drive, he continued to emerge, taking on additional snaps, even if he didn't produce beyond one catch against the Jets. Still, he earned more snaps until he was removed from the game against the Steelers due to a knee injury.

Collie has suffered a long career of injuries, so it's likely the Patriots are cutting Collie and allowing him to recover before bringing him back (if they see fit). Depending on the severity of Collie's injury (he didn't return), he could be signed back later in the season, or he could be finished. More details will have to come on his health status.

In a corresponding roster move, the Patriots have signed former Raven wide receive LaQuan Williams, who primarily had a special teams role in Baltimore. Williams is 6'0, 200 lbs, with 4.55 speed and a solidly explosive 10'4 broad jump. Look for Williams to help out on the Patriots special teams while Steve Gregory recovers, and don't think of this pick-up as a replacement for Collie. Additionally, look for Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola's playtime to increase, as well as for Kenbrell Thompkins to be activated.

In a third move, the Patriots have signed running back Cierre Wood to the practice squad, which had an empty spot due to the promotion of guard Josh Kline to the active roster. Wood was an undrafted free agent out of Notre Dame this year and spent the preseason and the early part of the season with the Houston Texans. Wood was kicked off the team for smoking pot, although he took a drug test and passed it the week after getting cut. Wood has solid physicals and is a plus runner, although he's very raw.