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WR LaQuan Williams asks Chad OchoCinco for advice learning the Patriots offense

Even Chad looks surprised to have the ball in his hands.
Even Chad looks surprised to have the ball in his hands.

Two days ago the New England Patriots signed wide receiver LaQuan Williams to replace the injured Austin Collie. Apparently, LaQuan now realizes that the Pats' offensive playbook isn't very easy to understand. This evening he tweeted former Patriot Chad OchoCinco and asked for some advice.

I can't fault the guy for asking for help...but Chad OchoCinco? Really? I guess he doesn't realize that Ocho's failures as a Patriot were due to his inability to understand the offense. Chad only caught 15 passes for 276 yards and one touchdown when he was supposed to be "the man" heading into training camp.

Maybe LaQuan Williams should message a player like Deion Branch, who spent a number of years in the offense and had a lot of success. And I know I shouldn't judge a player asking for help, but this is a guy that was cut by the Baltimore Ravens, and couldn't find any work until this late into the season. I just don't think it's a good sign when you ask Chad OchoCinco of all people for help.

Edit: LaQuan has since deleted the tweet...maybe he realized that any advice would only complicate things.