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Patriots vs. Texans: Game Thread

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Open game thread for the Patriots vs. Texans week thirteen match-up.

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Today, the 8-3 New England Patriots will travel to Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas to take on the 2-9 Texans. Feel free to use this post as an open thread to discuss today's game. For Texans' coverage, be sure to check out Battle Red Blog.

As for my prediction, despite the Texans' woeful record, it is tough to predict any type of blowout in this one. The Texans are still very talented. They've lost a lot of close games, they have an offense very capable of moving the ball both on the ground and through the air. Defensively, they have both the number one overall ranked defense and the number one ranked passing defense. The Patriots will have to pick their spots and create mismatches where possible. I predict Shane Vereen to have a big game. Overall, this one should be close, but I do think the Patriots have enough to move one step closer to a first round bye. Greg's Prediction: Patriots 34 Texans 23