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BNOTD: Tackle Nate Solder Pulled for Fourth Concussion

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Beyond the obvious news of today, here's another heaping of bad news.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots were forced to reach deep into their pockets against the Miami Dolphins as starting left tackle Nate Solder was pulled from the game. The offensive line was forced to slide left guard Logan Mankins out to tackle and insert rookie undrafted lineman Josh Kline in at left guard. Solder is one of the Patriots' franchise bookend tackles, the other being right tackle Sebastian Vollmer, who is currently on the injured reserve.

Solder went to the sideline after reaggravating his head injury from this past week. He suffered a concussion against the Cleveland Browns and appears to have hurt himself again.

This marks the fourth concussion of Solder's career with the Patriots, having been hit with two his rookie season in 2011 (once in week 10 and another prior to the AFC Championship game).

With concussions standing at the forefront of the NFL's injury landscape, look for the Patriots to take extreme precautions with Solder moving forward, especially as they head towards the playoffs. Don't be surprised if the Patriots are forced to hold Solder out for next week's tilt against the Ravens.