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Patriots Clinch AFC East

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Patriots back into their 5th straight AFC East title

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots have won the AFC East title due to a loss by the Miami Dolphins at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, 19-0. This marks the the fifth straight division title for the Patriots, and the 10th straight for Tom Brady.

New England was unable to capture the division last weekend when the fourth quarter comeback against the Dolphins fell short.

With the division title, the Patriots have now clinched their playoff spot and cannot fall below the #4 seed in the AFC playoffs. If the Patriots win out, they're guaranteed the 2nd overall seed and a first round bye.

The Broncos currently hold a one game lead over the Patriots and would have to lose in Week 17 to the Raiders in order for the Patriots to claim the 1st overall seed. The Chiefs loss to the Colts gives the Broncos the AFC West title and eliminates them from claiming a first round bye.