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New England Patriots Potential Playoff Scenarios

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How can the Patriots get the number one seed? Find out here.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have clinched their 11th AFC East Division title in the past 13 seasons after dominating the Ravens, 41-7. For the time being, the Patriots remain as the number two seed in the AFC, but their positioning could shift quite a bit depending on what happens in Week 17. Here are the potential scenarios:

The Patriots would be the...

First Seed with a win AND a Denver loss

Second Seed with a win OR losses by both Cincinnati and Indianapolis

Third Seed with a loss AND a Cincinnati win or Indianapolis win

Fourth Seed with a loss AND wins by both Cincinnati and Indianapolis

Realistically, if the Patriots beat the Bills, they are looking at the number two seed because it's unlikely the Broncos lose to the Raiders, who looked ready for the offseason after losing this afternoon.

However, New England needs to be sure to win since Indianapolis has a winnable game against Jacksonville. Baltimore and Cincinnati will likely have the marquee matchup of these games, since the Ravens need to win in order to make the playoffs.