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Please Just Give Him Five

A summary of Brady's never-ending saga to just be accepted as one of the guys.

It's okay, Tom. One day your team will give you a high five.
It's okay, Tom. One day your team will give you a high five.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

It all started in week 6 against the New Orleans Saints. Quarterback Tom Brady just wanted to show his respect and appreciation for his teammates. New best friend Julian Edelman reacted (or didn't) in a fashion that reverberated around the globe:

Brady was stiffed. Ignored. Cast aside. And from that moment on, Brady would embark on a never-ending quest for a teammate's high fives.

He followed up in Week 9 in a big game against the Steelers, where Stevan Ridley couldn't find it in his heart to help Brady out. Instead, newcomer LeGarrette Blount made him sweat it out until finally giving Brady a helping hand:

And it continued through to this past game against the Ravens. Brady in his affable awkwardness approached Blount in the midst of a touchdown celebration and stood on the side, arms extended, waiting for a high five, or something. Anything. If only he didn't ask for one right as Blount started his dance:

Blount's touchdown was supposed to lock down the game for the Patriots, but it didn't stop the defense from racking up two more major scores against the Ravens. Brady, naturally excited about the outcome, wanted to share in the team's revelry. Unfortunately, he would ultimately be denied:

Will Brady ever find happiness in a high five? Will a teammate ever grant Brady the one thing he clearly wants out of this season? Find out next time, in "Week 17: Brady Does Buffalo"!