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New England Patriots resign WR Austin Collie

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver Austin Collie has been resigned by the New England Patriots. The 28-year-old fifth year pro was originally signed on October 3rd but was later released on November 5th because of a knee injury he suffered in Week 9.

With rookie wide receivers Aaron Dobson (foot) and Kenbrell Thompkins (hip) hampered by injuries, the team could use another weapon for Tom Brady.

Collie played in four games with the Patriots, catching only three passes for 34 yards. However, he appeared to run very well, showing good burst on his first step. I thought he would have had a potential role in the offense after learning the entire playbook, but a knee injury forced his release.

Now, the Patriots could use Collie's veteran experience once again at the wide receiver position. With both Dobson and Thompkins injured, the Patriots tried using rookie Josh Boyce this past week, but he was in ineffective. Collie gives the Patriots a more reliable option, and possible a more versatile one considering his experience playing different roles at receiver.

With the signing of Austin Collie, it could be a sign that both Dobson and Thompkins will be inactive for Sunday's game against the Cleveland Browns.