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Percy Harvin Wants a New Contract

Percy Harvin wants a new contract and is prepared to hold out for one. How does this affect the Patriots chances of acquiring him?

Jim Rogash

Earlier today, Alec Shane postulated whether or not disgruntled Vikings receiver Percy Harvin could be a potential trade target by the Patriots. From this viewpoint, the obvious barriers to such a deal would be the cost to acquire Harvin, and perhaps even more importantly, what Harvin's new contract demands would be.

And while we still don't know what Harvin's contract demands are, we now know that getting a new contract done will be a necessary obstacle to tackle in acquiring the receiver via trade. Mike Florio of reports:

Last year, when Harvin asked for a trade, he wasn't unhappy with his financial situation. But he then viewed 2012 as a contract year. Which means that, even with one year left on his rookie deal, Harvin wants a new contract.

And he could be preparing to take a stand in order to get it. Per a league source, Harvin currently is expected to stay away from offseason workouts and training camp absent a new deal.

So there you have it - it doesn't sound as if Harvin can be had as a one year rental for $2.9 million. If Harvin were to be traded, the team that acquired him would have to be ready to break the bank on a new deal to make him happy. Which makes it even more likely that the Patriots won't be the team making Harvin happy.