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Chiefs Release Steve Breaston: Could the Patriots Pursue?

The Kansas City Chiefs have released receiver Steve Breaston, he could be a potential low-risk signing for the Patriots at the slot receiver position.

Peter Aiken

The New England Patriots could be in the market for a slot receiver, and it just so happens that a veteran option just hit the market. Michael David Smith of writes:

The Chiefs announced today that they have released wide receiver Steve Breaston and tight end Kevin Boss.

After showing promise as a big-play receiver early in his career with the Cardinals, Breaston signed a five-year, $23 million contract with the Chiefs in 2011. But Breaston was just OK in 2011, with 61 catches for 785 yards, and in 2012 he was largely phased out of the offense, catching just seven passes for 74 yards.

While Breaston hasn't done much as of late, he was a solid slot receiver early in his career with the Cardinals, and could be an interesting pick-up for the Patriots if they were looking for help in that area. Breaston is still only 29 years old, and would likely come on the cheap making any deal low-risk (similar to what the Patriots tried with Anthony Gonzalez last offseason).

Smith postures that Pittsburgh could be a logical landing choice for Breaston, as he had success in both Arizona and Kansas City under new Steelers' offensive coordinator Todd Haley.