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NFL Looking at Changes to Offseason Schedule

The NFL is reportedly considering changes to the offseason schedule in order to create additional revenue streams during the slowest parts of the football calendar.

Christian Petersen

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the league is considering some major changes to its offseason schedule:

The NFL is proposing an overhaul to its offseason calendar, pushing back the combine to early March, the start of free agency to early April and the draft to early May, according to league sources.

The plan must be approved by the NFL Players Association, but the league already is pushing it aggressively, meeting on the issue most recently -- but not exclusively -- Thursday night in Indianapolis, where the NFL scouting combine is being held.

Under the proposal, all NFL teams also would kick off training camp on the same summer day, making it the official launch of the football season.

Schefter goes on to add that the idea would be to create "one big event" per month to make the offseason calendar more relevant.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of this idea. I understand the NFL wants to create additional revenue streams, as any good business does. However, events such as the draft are already under the spotlight enough in my opinion. I believe the late-April draft already comes too late in the offseason. To push it back any further could have an effect on the quality of the game come September.

What are your thoughts on the potential changes?