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Patriots Rumors: Talks with Wes Welker Over, Will Danny Amendola Replace Him?

According to a report, talks between the Patriots and Wes Welker are now over, and the Patriots have a potential replacement, Danny Amendola, "waiting in the wings."


These Wes Welker rumors have been quite a whirlwind, haven't they? The latest report, from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, is that talks between Welker and the Patriots have broken off completely:

Furthermore, according to Rapoport, the Patriots are using a potential Welker replacement, Danny Amendola, as leverage in negotiations:

If you're hoping for a Welker return, this isn't good news. At this point, it looks like Welker will test the open market. If the market proves to be depressed for slot receivers such as himself, perhaps the teams still work something out. However, at this point, with communication completely cut off, the Patriots need to act. And that could spell the end of Welker in New England.