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Patriots NFL Free Agency Open Thread - Day Two

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One stop shopping for the latest facts rumors dealing with Free Agency.

Aqib's status is up in the air.
Aqib's status is up in the air.
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As usual, the Patriots made a HUGE splash in free agency blowing all available Cap space on high priced free agents.

Ok, now that you're awake, the Patriots did what they usually do: sat pat. Actually, Pat has been sitting most of the time since the advent of the Flying Elvis, but that's a different story.

The top three "keepers" for the Pats are Aqib Talib, Sebastian Vollmer, and Wes Welker. and they are all still free agents. Yes, free for the Patriots to pick up, but also free for all the rest of the teams as well.

The second tier of Danny Woodhead, Julian Edelman, and Kyle Arrington are still on the block as well.

Here is a summary of the Patriots related action to date:

G Donald Thomas - gone to the Colts. This is unfortunate because he has been starting quality depth for us.

S Patrick Chung - gone to the Eagles to hang with his college coach. He's been fragile and a liability here.

WR Wes Welker - gone to the Broncos. There's an awful lot of production to make up there.

We'll update this live as we get more information. The Patriots are rumored to be interested in a number of free agents. Tune in here for the latest details.