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Patriots free agency: Wes Welker is gone, joins the Broncos

Wes Welker is gone. Denver Broncos exec John Elway announced via Twitter that Wes Welker and the Broncos have agreed to a two-year contract. According to ESPN, the contract is worth $12 million.


It's official: Wes Welker is no longer a New England Patriot.

This has implications among the AFC's elite considering the success Welker has had over the last six seasons in New England. Denver and New England are two of the AFC's best teams and it's not unreasonable to think taking one major weapon away from Tom Brady and the Patriots and handing it to Peyton Manning affects the power structure in the AFC.

The Patriots clearly have changes coming to their group of receivers. Some have suggested Danny Amendola, who is a free agent, as a backup option in the instance Welker left. It would be hard to replace someone who averaged over 150 targets per season in a six-year span.