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Patriots Sign Adrian Wilson

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New England's Free Agent Frenzy continues with the signing of safety Adrian Wilson.

Otto Greule Jr

The New England Patriots continue to be busy as Free Agency rolls along, closing out a very active Friday by signing long-time Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson.

Wilson, 33, is exactly the kind of veteran presence that has been missing in the secondary since Rodney Harrison's departure. He is a strong in-the-box safety that hits hard, plays hard, and matches up well against tight ends and larger receivers. Age is certainly a factor, but the reality is that Wilson was released more for cap reasons than anything else, and he is only two years older than Harrison was when the Patriots brought him in.

There will be plenty of time to analyze Wilson's role with the team over the coming days (likely as more of a run stopper, switching duties with Steve Gregory or Tavon Wilson on obvious passing downs), but for now it's great to see New England actively shoring up the secondary with a proven veteran who can provide quality leadership and make a solid impact on the field as well. Wilson's signing all but eliminates any chances of Ed Reed landing in New England, but it didn't look like that was going to happen anyway.

I'd like to see the Patriots lock up Aqib Talib now; Talib and Wilson would represent some very nice cornerstones to what was a huge weak link over the past few seasons. Wilson, along with the alleged John Abraham signing (still waiting for the final report on that one), represents a real commitment to making this defense dominant again, which is something I think we can all get behind.