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Source: Lattimer, not Lattimore, to visit Patriots

In what has become something of a common mistake, the standout pass rusher, not the standout running back, will be visiting the Patriots.

Jeff Zelevansky

According to an article posted here on March 28 by the SB Nation Staff, South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore is scheduled to visit both the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams in the coming weeks. I initially found this report to be a little odd; while Lattimore is undoubtedly a talent, the Patriots seem pretty well set at running back, and thus I got to thinking that maybe the writers made the same mistake I once did when I first caught wind of Lattimore's abilities. So, I took it upon myself to do a little digging into the visit, and it turns out that I was right; there was a slight mix-up in reporting. In actuality, the Patriots will not be hosting SC running back Marcus Lattimore, but rather ESU defensive end Steve Lattimer.

Lattimer, 6'5", 290 pounds, is something of a mystery, as he spent the first three years of his college career on the punt team. Only this past season has he been a factor, as he was somehow able to gain 35 pounds over the summer to earn himself a place at the table as a full-time starter. Lattimore was an absolute terror on the field this past season, trucking over linemen left and right and assuming much of ESU's leadership duties following Alvin Mack's career-ending injury. He is a three down lineman that can stand up in the 3-4 if necessary, but truly excels as a pass rusher.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Lattimer, as many speculate he has been regularly using PEDs and cheating on his NCAA regulated drug tests. There are also rumors circulating that Lattimer had some sexual assault charges dropped after a wealthy alumni paid off the defendant and swept the entirer event under the rug, but there is no concrete proof at the moment. His off the field issues could cause his draft stock to fall, which would make him an absolute steal if the Patriots can grab him in the later rounds. He seems like a fairly complete player and could make a nice compliment to Chandler Jones running in off the edge.

There is a great clip highlighting Lattimer's on and off-field intensity here. This is definitely a story to follow.