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Report: Multiple Teams Interested in Ryan Mallett

According to Greg Bedard at the Boston Globe, the New England Patriots are already fielding calls from teams interested in backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.


And so it begins.

According to, the New England Patriots are currently fielding calls from several teams for backup quarterback Ryan Mallett. Who those teams are or what terms have been discussed remain unknown, and likely won't be known until a trade actually happens, but the fact that there is interest is certainly a good sign. A Ryan Mallett trade has been a hot topic of discussion around here since Tommy B signed his contract extension, and up until today whether or not Mallett would garner any interest remained somewhat speculative.

The real question is, what value does Mallett have on the open market? I imagine that the Patriots would likely prefer to receive at least a third round pick or better for him, as they have invested two years in his development since he fell to them in 2011. With Tom Brady locked up long-term, it would make sense to move Mallett now, particularly in a year without a true stud quarterback entering the draft. Whether he goes for picks, another player, or a combination of the two remains to be seen, but there is definitely a possibility that Ryan Mallett will no longer be a Patriot by this time next week. He may even be on his way out by this time tomorrow.