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From Brown to Moss to Dobson

Aaron Dobson might not be the next Randy Moss or Troy Brown, but he has all the tools to make a name for himself as the next great wide receiver on the New England Patriots.

Aaron Dobson was a leader on and off the field for Marshall.
Aaron Dobson was a leader on and off the field for Marshall.
Al Messerschmidt

It's not exactly fair to compare newly drafted wide receiver Aaron Dobson to Troy Brown -- one of the greatest receivers in Patriots history -- or Randy Moss -- one of the greatest receivers of all time, but there is something that relates them: All three are former Marshall Thundering Herd wide receivers.

Now, Aaron Dobson will get the same opportunity that both Brown and Moss had, to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady. When asked about the chance to catch passes from Brady, the soft-spoken receiver got pretty giddy about the opportunity.

"Oh, man, that right can't beat that. You know, that's the best quarterback in the league, you know," he almost stuttered in excitement, "It's just amazing because I've been watching him for so long and now that I get the chance to play with's just a blessing."

Dobson was then challenged and asked if he's intimidated by the prospect of playing with Brady.

"No, no. Not intimidating at all. I'm excited just to get to know him and try to catch balls from him...just to try and help the situation out."

The situation. Yes, the Patriots have done a lot of work this offseason to resolve "the situation" and Dobson is the next step in doing that. After New England lost number one receiver Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos and released number two receiver Brandon Lloyd, the team has had to rework the entire receiver core.

The Patriots brought in a productive and versatile slot-receiver in Danny Amendola to help replace Welker. To fill the hole that Lloyd left, former Buffalo Bills receiver, Donald Jones, and nine-year veteran, Michael Jenkins were signed.

"You can't beat that... that's the best quarterback in the league... I get the chance to play with him... it's just a blessing."- AARON DOBSON ON TOM BRADY

But Aaron Dobson is the next piece of the puzzle to "help the situation out," and the Patriots hope he is the long-term solution as well.

Dobson is a muscular, 6-foot-3 receiver that will stand out amongst the group of primarily small New England receivers.

He's got a long stride and insane leaping ability that he shows off when he goes for the deep ball. But Dobson also runs efficient underneath routes, has good hands, and is nifty at finding the first down marker.

Sound familiar? Yeah, it does. Dobson's ability to make unbelievable catches -- like this one-handed grab -- might remind people of Randy Moss. Aaron's nice route-running, with a knack for picking up first downs, might remind people of Troy Brown, but really no comparisons should be made because Dobson is truly his own unique player.

Like Moss, Dobson is a native of West Virginia and was asked about the potential comparison to him. Dobson said, "Moss is a great player. You know, he definitely did his thing in the NFL. He came in and went straight to work. I'm just trying to come in and make my own name, really. Just do what I can do to help my team win and do what I can do to make myself better and be great."

Instead of making comparisons to others, Aaron Dobson will begin to make a name for himself in May, when the New England Patriots organized team activities begin. At Marshall, Dobson was a team captain and was been praised for his work ethic by fellow players and coaches. In practice with the Pats, Dobson will go out there and work hard, doing everything he can to make a name for himself.

When asked about his expectations, Dobson said, "I'm just trying to go in with a level head and go in focused. I'm just ready to start my new life with the Patriots and my new life in the NFL."

Patriots fans are ecstatic and ready for it too, Aaron.


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