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Stevie Johnson Jokes About Bombing Foxboro

Johnson's joke bombs out.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills highly talented receiver, Stevie Johnson, is one of the more outspoken players on their team and a bit of a joker.

North Korea's equally outspoken leader, Kin Jong Un, recently released a photograph of himself with a map of potential missile targets in the United States in the background. Stevie's first response?

North Korea tripping hard AF right now. Chill out with that Nuke talk. #uMadBro

— STVN (@StevieJohnson13) April 3, 2013

I think we can all agree with the "Chill out" sentiment. If that's as far as it went, I'd be patting him on the back. Johnson followed it up with this little number:

War is nothing to be played with. I apologize North Korea........but if y'all do bomb 1st... Bomb Foxboro, Mass. Sincerely,#BillsMafia

— STVN (@StevieJohnson13) April 3, 2013

Seriously, Stevie? I could ask you the same question, "#uMadBro"?

I know it is a joke, and sometimes in comedy, you swing and you miss. Stevie's bat slipped and killed the ball-boy.

Ignoring for a moment the dark shadow the Patriots must be casting over his mind, making reference to mass murder and the mafia (are those guys even IN Buffalo?) by someone in the NFL who no doubt is an idol to many, is probably one of those things on Roger Goodell's "Naughty List".

Apparently some of his Twitter followers took offense as well as he tweeted:

i know some of yall took it too serious.. but i have Much Respect for The Pats along with Every other NFL Team. Gonna to be a Great #NFL2013

— STVN (@StevieJohnson13) April 4, 2013

I know Stevie was just kidding and all and I see where he was trying to go. In some ways, it can be seen as a measure of respect for the Patriots. On the way down that path though, he stepped on some ground that would have been better left untrodden. Maybe next time he'll check swing before hitting Tweet.