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Patriots NFL Free Agency Open Thread - Week Five

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One stop shopping for the latest facts rumors dealing with Free Agency.

Vince likes the idea of more help in the trenches.
Vince likes the idea of more help in the trenches.
Jim Rogash

Here is a recap of the re-signings and Free Agency moves as they relate to each position group (basically anything that affects the cap):


● Re-negotiated Tom Brady (now a Patriot for life)

Added Mike Kafka

Running Back:

Added James Develin (from PS)

Added Leon Washington (primarily a returner)

Lost Danny Woodhead (to Chargers)

Wide Receiver:

Re-signed Julian Edelman

Added Jeremy Ebert (from PS)

Added Andre Holmes (from PS)

Added Danny Amendola (from Rams)

Added Donald Jones (from Bills)

Added Michael Jenkins (from Vikings)

Lost Wes Welker (to Broncos)

Released Brandon Lloyd

Added Emmanuel Sanders ??????? (TBD from Steelers)

Tight End:

Extended Rob Gronkowski (forward thinking move)

Extended Aaron Hernandez (forward thinking move)

Also Jake Ballard is coming off of IR

Offensive Tackle:

Added Will Svitek (from Falcons)

Re-signed Sebastian Vollmer


Lost Donald Thomas (to Colts)


No Change

Defensive Tackle:

Added Armond Armstead (from CFL) 43DT/34DE

Added Tommy Kelly (from Raiders) 43DT/34DE

Cut Ron Brace (Marima points out he was from the "stellar" 2009 draft class)

Defensive End:

Added Jason Vega (from CFL) 43DE/34OLB

Added Marcus Benard (from Browns)

Added Tracy Robertson (from PS)


Extended Jerod Mayo (forward thinking move)

Re-signed Niko Koutouvides (primarily special teams)

Added Jeff Tarpinian (from PS)

Free Safety:

No Change

Strong Safety:

Added Adrian Wilson (from Cardinals)

Lost Patrick Chung (to Eagles)

Corner Back:

Re-signed Aqib Talib

Re-signed Kyle Arrington

Re-signed Marquice Cole (primarily special teams)

Special Teams:

Added Leon Washington (from Seahawks)

Re-signed Niko Koutouvides

Re-signed Marquice Cole

We'll update this live as we get more information. The Patriots moves are slowing down. Tune in here for the latest details.