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Pats Pulpit Off-Season Caption Contest #16

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Off-season fun, caption this picture.

Dilip Vishwanat

Results from last time:



Winner with 11 Rec's:

Oughat - Brady: "Have you guys seen Welker? I can't find him anywhere...."

Second Place with 8 Rec's:

Brady's Revenge - “Ok guys, Blue 37 Razor Cut Back Jet fly on two on wait……..wrong huddle, shit never mind”.

Where'sWaldo? - Brady: "You're BOTH wrong! Buttercup is the strongest Powerpuff Girl!"

The rules are simple:

1) Write a funny caption for the picture. If you can't think of one, then you can still play (keep reading).

2) If you like any of the captions, Recommend them. Even if you wrote one of your own. It is better to give than receive.

3) We'll give a shout out to the top three most Rec'd captions in the next contest, along with a new picture.

4) Please, please, please, remember this is just for fun and don't create other screen names just to recommend yourself. If you're that funny, you'll be recognized.