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New England Patriots Links 5/10/13 - Jerod Mayo Ready to Raise the Rookies Right

New England Patriots Daily News and Links for 5/10/13

Jerod Mayo loves rookies who love football and film study.
Jerod Mayo loves rookies who love football and film study.
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  • Mike Rodak checks in with Jerod Mayo, who is ready to show the new rookies the way. "I enjoy watching film, and if you love football, this is the place for you," Mayo said Thursday.
  • Ron Borges gives us Bill Belichick's theories on 'Building a Champion' and the role of the team vs. the role of the individual player. Good read.
  • Mike Reiss notes Bill Belichick gave a keynote address Thursday morning, and talks about the most important trait he looks for in a football player: Passion.
  • Mike Reiss shares Belichick's explanation of mental toughness, from his remarks at yesterday's symposium.
  • Mike Reiss offers some examples of Duron Harmon-type picks from the Belichick era.
  • Paul Kenyon reports the Patriots signing of WR Lavelle Hawkins shows Belichick is willing to take chances on players with past injury problems.
  • Christopher Price passes along another statement from Steelers' safety Ryan Clark: "ghosts or no ghosts" Brady is still the best in the business.
  • Field Yates fills in for Mike Reiss in his weekly online chat.
  • Christopher Price looks at the Pats' draft class and their representation, with side notes on the agent's history with the team.
  • Field Yates continues his scouting reports for the Patriots 2013 draft choices: WR Josh Boyce.
  • Jeff Howe Patriots Notebook: Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes and Dont'a Hightower are all looking forward to growing as a unit; Spikes' health led to an increase in consistency last year, leading to five forced fumbles (2nd most among NFL LBs); Dane Fletcher, Jamie Collins and Steve Beauharnais will pad the depth chart as well; Pats signed WR Lavelle Hawkins added depth while Julian Edelman recovers.