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Danny Amendola Featured in New Foot Locker Commercial

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New England Patriots receiver Danny Amendola was recently featured in a new Foot Locker commercial.

J. Meric

New England Patriots' offseason addition Danny Amendola has the opportunity to make quite the name for himself in New England. While he has yet to step onto the field, he's projected by most to take over the "x" receiver position that had been occupied by the historically productive Wes Welker for the past six years.

And while he has yet to participate in a practice for the Patriots, let alone a game, Amendola is already picking up popularity. If you have 31 seconds of free time to spare, I suggest checking out this spot that Foot Locker released today in which Amendola is featured:

Okay Danny, so you might not be that big of a deal yet. But if you can take over that "x" receiver position, stay healthy, and be productive, I'm sure it won't take long before you're getting readily recognized.

And in the meantime, perhaps he can learn a thing or two from Curt Schilling.