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Dwight Freeney's Dad Wants Him To Play For The Patriots

The market for veteran defensive end/outside linebacker Dwight Freeney has been relatively slow, but could be heating up soon. Freeney's dad, Hugh, told Adam Schein that he wants his son to play for the New England Patriots next season.

Andy Lyons

Former Indianapolis Colt Dwight Freeney has been contemplating his options for the 2013 season for which team he will play for next. Freeney has visited teams such as the Patriots, Broncos and most recently the Chargers as he looks to find a good fit. The Dolphins and Titans have also been connected with the veteran defensive end.

Freeney is supposedly out in San Diego this week, visiting the Chargers, who recently lost outside linebacker Melvin Ingram to a torn ACL. He would certainly be a very capable replacement for the second-year player.

While Dwight's concentrations appear to be on the needy Chargers, his father has his sights on his son winning a ring in 2013. In an interview with Adam Schein on Sirius-XM radio, Hugh Freeney expressed his desire for his son to join the New England Patriots next season. Freeney's mother apparently doesn't feel the same way. Here's what he had to say to Schein:

"I would love for him to play for the Patriots," Freeney's father told Schein. "But his mom is really, really against that city. The verbal abuse when she went to the game... they treated her badly. She didn't want to go back."

"He's out there now," Hugh Freeney said. "But they don't play the kind of defense he needs to be on. ... He'll let us know. It's all about money now."

Hugh Freeney went on to say that his son's preference is to suit up with the New York Giants next season, but it doesn't appear that they are interested.

For Freeney to join the Patriots, it's a matter of them paying up to get him, which I don't see happening. Teams like the Chargers, who could offer him more money and playing time, would seem to have an inside track on signing him.

With Freeney's focus apparently being on the money and John Abraham's main condition being playing time, the Patriots may not be able to lure either to New England. Time will tell though.