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Kyle Love Claimed By Jaguars; Joins Brandon Deaderick

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are stockpiling with former Patriot defensive lineman, inking recently released Kyle Love a few days after snatching up Brandon Deaderick off waivers.

Looks like he won't be needing one of these next season
Looks like he won't be needing one of these next season

It appears that Kyle Love is headed to warmer climates, as he was claimed by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday. Love was released by the Patriots on Wednesday with a non-football designation.

Love will reunite with Brandon Deaderick, who was also released by the Patriots and claimed by the Jaguars shortly after. Both are likely to see playing time in Gus Bradley's Jaguar defense.

The past few days, the Patriots have come under fire for their treatment of Love, who was recently diagnosed with Type-II diabetes. Some people have labeled Bill Belichick and company as "cruel" and "selfish", and have even said that Love has the right to sue them on the grounds of unfair treatment, because of his illness. The team apparently gave him the option to sit out a year or be released. He wanted to play now, so he was released.

Pure and simple, Love was not a lock to make this roster, and the Patriots didn't believe that he'd be a valuable asset because he is a bit of a health risk. The fact that they signed veteran Tommy Kelly, CFL standout Armond Armstead and a plethora of promising undrafted rookies at the position, it seemed that Love was likely going to see some competition at the position.

With all that being said, I couldn't be happier for him. He wants to play, and he's getting the chance to do it. The fact that he was claimed by the first eligible team, says that teams think that can play. Best of luck to both Love and Deaderick down in Jacksonville.