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Patriots Sign DE Michael Buchanan

The Patriots have signed rookie 7th round pick Michael Buchanan, leaving just one rookie from their 2013 draft class unsigned.


The New England Patriots have just one draft pick left to sign, as the team announced yesterday that they had signed one of their two seventh round draft selections, defensive end Michael Buchanan.

Buchanan, listed by the Patriots at 6’6” and 250 lbs, is considered to be a high upside prospect for the Patriots. He was widely projected to go in the middle rounds of last month’s draft, but fell likely due to question marks surrounding his disappointing production this past season. Nonetheless, Buchanan has produced in the past, and his H/W/S combination make him a really intriguing player to watch this training camp.

With Buchanan officially in the fold, the team’s lone remaining unsigned rookie is second round draft choice Aaron Dobson. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald wrote yesterday that he expects Dobson to be signed by the end of the week.

And once that happens, we’ll officially be in the slowest news cycle of the year.