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Prisco: Patriots Signing of Tim Tebow Shows Arrogance

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco had a very strong reaction to the Patriots' signing of Tim Tebow, saying the move put the Patriots' arrogance "on full display."

Jared Wickerham

The New England Patriots' signing of Tim Tebow yesterday figured to get a wide array of reactions. Some praised the move, and some criticized it. Perhaps one of the sharpest reactions came from CBS Sports' Pete Prisco, who said the move put the Patriots' "arrogance on full display":

1. Bill Belichick is doing a favor for his buddy Urban Meyer.

2. The Patriots' arrogance is in full force. It's more of this: "We can make anything work. We're the Patriots. We don't deal with distractions, just football players. We're the Patriots."

Prisco continues:

As for the Patriots' arrogance, this reeks of it. They'll show the other teams again that distractions don't matter in New England. Tebow may be a cult figure, but it won't be an issue in their locker room.

Umm... okay. Can't say I agree with Prisco's argument here. I don't think Prisco has a predisposed bias towards the Patriots either. After all, he is the guy who predicted them to go 16-0 a year ago. Still, Bill Belichick has shown a penchant for the unconventional over the years, and I think this signing falls under that category.

Personally, I don't see tremendous upside with this move, but I understand Belichick's line of thinking. In addition, I really don't think Tebow will cause any kind of a fallout in the locker room. The old adage in "New England" is "In Belichick We Trust." The Patriots clearly took their time with this move. If the Patriots do not go on to win it all in 2013, it won't be because of Tim Tebow.