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Some Interesting Tim Tebow and Patriots Prop Bets

Now that Tim Tebow has landed with the Patriots, there are a few interesting prop bets up for play.


Now that quarterback Tim Tebow is officially a New England Patriot, there is bound to be debate about how much success he will have with the team. That being said, here are a few of the more interesting lines and prop bets for Tebow in 2013, courtesy of Bovada:

Will he make the Patriots 53 man Week 1 roster?
Yes -400 (1/4)
No +250 (5/2)

Will he start a game as a QB for the Patriots in the 2013 Regular Season?
Yes +600 (6/1)
No -1200 (1/12)

Will he throw a TD Pass in the 2013 Regular Season?
Yes +200 (2/1)
No -300 (1/3)

Total Rushing & Receiving TD's in the 2013 Regular Season
Over/Under 1.5

Will he attempt a Pass in the 2013 Regular Season?
Yes -300 (1/3)
No +200 (2/1)

What do you think about some of those lines? Of course, none of them will have action on them if Tebow doesn't make the final roster, but they're intriguing and fun to debate nonetheless.

Have you had enough Tebow, yet? Well, regardless, SB Nation Studios recently weighed in on the move: