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Patriots Ink Aaron Dobson

With the signing of Aaron Dobson, the entire Patriots 2013 Draft Class is under contract.

USA Today Sports

Since the refresh button on my computer broke a few hours ago, I have decided to give maniacally following every single second of the Aaron Hernandez saga a little break and focus on other Patriots-related news. And lo and behold, there actually is something to report today that doesn't involve the search for a murder weapon.

According to ESPN, 2nd round pick Aaron Dobson has officially signed his contract. The exact terms were not disclosed, but we do know that it's a four year deal, based on the recent CBA. With Dobson signed, the Patriots have now inked their entire 2013 Draft class well before everyone is scheduled to report to training camp on July 25th.

Now that Dobson has signed, the New England front office can turn their attention elsewhere - like perhaps what the difference is between an accomplice and an accessory, and which of those two you want to be if you are staring down the barrel of a murder trial.

You'll never hear me complain about a quiet offseason again.