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Aaron Hernandez Taken Into Custody

After a few days of inactivity, Aaron Hernandez was taken into custody this morning.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Can't say that we didn't see this coming.

Just a few minutes ago, Aaron Hernandez was seen leaving his home in handcuffs, escorted by several police officers. At the moment, what exactly he is being arrested for is unknown, and with all of the rumors and speculation that have been flying around over the past week, I'm not even going to try and fathom a guess as to the exact nature of the charges. I'd initially say that it was obstruction of justice, but at this point who knows. It could be anything from a precautionary measure to a full on murder rap and everything in between, and I for one don't see the point in throwing out a wild guess just so I can take credit as the first person to break the story.

On the plus side, with this news comes the beginning of the process of getting this mess sorted out, for better or for worse. Hernandez will either face charges, he will be let go, or he will work out some kind of deal that allows him to walk. Regardless, it would appear that Hernandez's life is about to change in a pretty major way.