A Look at the Patriots Offense w/o Hernandez

Brady and Amedola are developing some chemistry. - Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

Pats have dominated with the 2 TE attack since 2010. Now, they will likely be without Gronk for a few weeks, and now Hernandez has been released after getting arrested.

It's really an unfortunate state of events that have went on. On all fronts. But I feel the need to look at how our offense will have to change again after all of this.

Question: What will Josh McDaniels and BB do now? Will we still run the 2 TE offense with Ballard and maybe Sudfield (before Gronk comes back)? Will we switch to the 3 WR set?

The two TE offense has been so damn effective with who we had. No doubt we will take a hit in effectiveness now, but it's very versatile, and we still have good players that can operate in this offense with effectiveness, especially when Gronk gets back. Our running game gets a big boost when there are two TEs helping to block, and we get some really good mismatches and redzone effectivness through the two TE offense.

Then there is also the spread offense. We seem to have enough talent and WRs to go back to this offense here. We now have an outside WR in Dobson (hopefully he'll be real good), outside guys that include Edelman and Boyce, and Amendola in the slot. Obviously, we have more WRs than that who could contribute here. McDaniels knows how to put this offense together, and although it won't bring as much size, i will bring more speed and quickness for Brady to look for.

The running game will have more blocking with the 2 TE offense, but it should be fine with the 3 WR spread offense. Not to mention Vereen may be more effective in this kind of offense, because the defense will be more spread out here, which will allow Vereen to operate in more space on a route.

I guess we could be a run first team. We have the talent there. But I think this is a pass first offense anyways, and it should be. So I'm just focusing more on the offensive formations here moreso than whether or not we'll be a passing or running offense.

What do you think will happen to the type of our offense now?

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