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Arraignment for Aaron Hernandez at 2:00 PM ET

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be arraigned at 2:00 PM ET this afternoon.

Even though tight end Aaron Hernandez will henceforth be referred to as "former Patriots tight end" Aaron Hernandez, we will continue to follow his case as it unfolds. The latest news is that he will be arraigned at 2:00 PM ET this afternoon. While it initially looked like Hernandez would be getting charged with obstruction of justice, it now looks like it could be a whole lot worse. Earlier today, Mike Florio of had a source tell him to "expect the worst" when it came to Hernandez and he believes that we shouldn't be surprised if Hernandez is charged with something worse than obstruction of justice. Does that mean a murder charge? Perhaps. Either way, we will not have to wait very long to find out as the arraignment will occur in just under a half hour. Stay tuned. News of the arraignment was first reported by WCVB in Boston.