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Could The Patriots Look To Brandon Lloyd?

Following the Aaron Hernandez fiasco from last week, the Patriots will be looking for more stability in their offense, and could turn to an old friend for help.

"Where do I sign, coach?"
"Where do I sign, coach?"
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With the Patriots lacking stability and familiar faces at this point in their receiving corps, Bill Belichick may turn to an old friend for help. On Sunday, ESPN Boston's Field Yates wrote that the reeling Patriots may be looking to reunite with wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, their second leading receiver from a year ago:

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One of the names that many have asked about as a potential addition to the Patriots offense in an attempt to replace Aaron Hernandez is Brandon Lloyd, who was released this March after one season with the team. At the time, our sense was that the decision to cut ties with Lloyd was as much about finances (he was due a $3 million roster bonus) as anything else, although reports also suggested that he wasn't a good fit within the Patriots locker room. The Patriots, and any NFL team, always want a harmonious locker room, but now would seem to be a time when the Patriots are particularly interested in finding players who fit among the rest of the team. By that token, if Lloyd's behavior did in fact play a part in the team's decision to release him previously, we wouldn't expect a reunion.

From a football standpoint, a move to bring back Lloyd seems like a fairly good idea. If the Patriots were set to open the season tomorrow, they'd be starting two new faces at wide receiver (Danny Amendola and Michael Jenkins) and two tight ends that are still developing chemistry with Tom Brady (Jake Ballard and Michael Hoomanawanui). Having a familiar face like Lloyd, who caught 74 passes last season, would at least make Brady more comfortable.

However, from a locker room standpoint, it may not be such a great idea. As Yates and many others have reported, Lloyd was apparently a bit of a nuisance in the Patriots locker room. Many believe that his attitude, not his fit in the offense, was the reason why the Patriots originally cut him this offseason.

Since they reportedly tried to redo his contract before he was ultimately cut in March, it may have been financial reason why the two sides decided to part. But it's now July, and Lloyd is still without a team. In order to find work in 2013, Lloyd may need the Patriots just as much as they need him.

At this point, with Wes Welker gone to Denver, Rob Gronkowski still recovering from multiple surgeries and Aaron Hernandez now off the team and in god knows what kind of trouble, they may not have a choice but to have at least one familiar face in that offense, good attitude or not.