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Patriots CB Alfonzo Dennard Arrested for DUI

Another day, another interaction with the police.


According to the Omaha-World Herald, Patriots second year CB Alfonzo Dennard has been arrested under suspicion of a DUI back in Nebraska (where he went to college). He was pulled over at 2am for driving across lane lines and was arrested for refusing to take a chemical test, along with his driving infraction.

Dennard already has been walking on a fine line after his legal issues prior to being drafted. He assaulted a police officer and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, to take place after this season. He is also on two years of probation, so this definitely isn't helping his case.

In my opinion, Dennard won't stick around if anything comes of this incident. Not a really bold claim, but more of an expectation. The Patriots drafted Logan Ryan this past April, and former second round pick Ras-I Dowling has looked great this off-season. While Dennard definitely pulled the secondary unit together, I wouldn't expect the franchise to stick this one out.

Just another story in one heck of an off-season for Patriots fans.