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Patriots Flag Football: Greg's First Pick

With his first pick in the 2013 Pats Pulpit Flag Football Draft, Greg Knopping selected receiver Danny Amendola.


In the 2012 Pats Pulpit flag football draft, I opted to go for versatility over playmaking ability. I went with the Julian Edelman’s and Matt Slater’s of the world as opposed to drafting on pure athleticism and offensive/defensive skill. While versatility is without a doubt an enviable trait to have, it doesn’t make you a good player.

Slater for example, is well below average on both offense and defense. Sure, he’s got great speed, but I’d rather spend my early selections on players who can be difference makers.

Clearly, I needed to change up my game plan heading into 2013. That being said, I’ve chosen wide receiver Danny Amendola with my first selection in the 2013 Pats Pulpit flag football draft.

With the selection of Amendola, I believe that I am getting the best playmaker available. Shane Vereen, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski were all tempting, but I believe that Amendola provides the best combination of quickness, speed, awareness, and skill.

While he has yet to step onto the field for an official game for the Patriots, early indications are that he is well on his way to developing a rapport with Tom Brady. He’s an excellent route runner, has good downfield speed, is very dangerous in space, and can line up at multiple spots.

And the bottom line is this: you win flag football by putting up points. Good defense will help by creating the occasional turnover, but offense is going to win you games. Flag football is also a jersey and shorts game. And when looking at all of those factors, I believe that Amendola is the player that will help me put up the most points.