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Patriots Flag Football: Rich's First Pick

Step back, I got this.

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Alec thinks he is so smart. Greg thinks he has a shot.

This season's over before it even began.

You see, we're looking at the Patriots players and, let's be serious, the offense has carried the team the past few years. The defense isn't as historically bad as some have painted it to be- but they certainly haven't been great. So you know what? The defense is always going to be weaker in this flag football match. Let's go turbo on the offense.

Let's start with the fact that we have Mr. Tom Brady at the helm- a player who can do no wrong. Who has his best target been over the past few seasons? Without question, it is Rob Gronkowski, my first pick of the draft.

Gronkowski has smashed records left and right as the best defenders in the entire league have struggled to slow him down. Seriously- Dustin Keller, Scott Chandler, Dennis Pitta, and Anthony Fasano have torn up the Patriots defense and they're not good enough to carry Gronkowski's pads to the practice field. Do you really think any Patriot would stand a chance in holding back Gronkowski on offense? Brady to Gronkowski, up the middle, all day. Brady will have 3 seconds in the pocket before the pass rush starts, which means that Gronk could already be down the field, ready to move the chains.

And those worried about his injuries? Well, we're projecting him healthy as can be and there's no offensive weapon in the AFC that can come close to Gronkowski's impact. The only thing holding him back on offense is the fact this is flag football and he won't be allowed to drag defenders 10 yards down the field.

On defense, I have a couple ideas up my sleeve. Gronk was a defensive end in high school, so he can help bring the heat and use his long arms to swat down Brady's errant throws. He can create traffic in the middle of the field and he is agile enough to cover some of the less shifty players. Sure, he won't be adding too much value down the field in coverage, but as a pass rusher and a short yardage defender? Heck yes he'll be an impact player.

He may not be the same athlete as Devin McCourty or Danny Amendola, but there's no one I'd rather have on my team than Rob Gronkowski.

Watch the throne.