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Patriots Flag Football: Kiper's Commentary, Round One

Round one is over and done. Let's see how the teams stand.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Before we look at the picks, let's recap the rules:

  • Off-Limits Players: Tom Brady is all-time quarterback, and Jamie Collins, who has played LB, DE and Safety, is the all-time defensive player.
  • No room for PUPs: All players are considered healthy when this game begins, so Edelman, Gronk, and Boyer are 100%.
  • We're in no rush: A standard 3 Mississippi rush count is in effect is in effect. The QB can take off once the rush comes.
  • All receivers are eligible: They can catch, run out of the backfield or block on any given play.
  • It's the ballroom blitz: The defense can blitz once per offensive possession.

The biggest rule in regards to this draft seems to be the 3 Mississippi rush, which during actual games can vary from 1 to 8 seconds depending on who's counting. For the sake of this draft analysis, we'll assume the it is a 3 second rush.

With a quarterback as quick on the trigger as Tom Brady, that's practically all day. Assuming a player can get open quickly, Brady will beat the rush all day long. I predicted before this draft began that quick players such as slot receivers and corner backs (star position) could be in high demand and of course I was right as Kiper's hair in a tornado.

Alec Shane chose Devin McCourty who has both speed and quickness. Obviously, he has more experience on the defensive side of the ball and can play the star position but overall he has the athleticism that should allow him to be an offensive threat as well. He may not know the offensive signals right off, but he should be able to figure out "Run to the third trash can and cut in." fairly quickly.

Greg Knopping chose Danny Amendola with his first pick this year, and stayed in line with the slot prediction. He gets extra points from Mel's hair for that. If this was a two horse showing it would be a tight race between Alec and Greg. The strengths and weaknesses of their players complement each other fairly well. It looks like Alec and Greg are playing the same game this year.

Rich Hill varied from the Kiper's Hair game plan and chose Rob Gronkowski. It's easy to see how this could work in his favor. Gronk is one of only two players that could get open consistently in 3 seconds last year (Wes Welker was the other). With his height and strength, it's would be easy to consider the Gronk as always open on offense. Nobody drafted so far can defend him. Defensively, Rich is going to have to dig a little deeper to defend these quicker players as Gronk alone won't cut it.

Adam Fox strayed from the slot prediction as well with his choice of Shane Vereen. Although in this case, he chose an athlete that at least followed the mold. Vereen has short area quickness and decent speed. While not a trained route runner like Amendola, or a coverage player like McCourty. He should be able to do well in the ever competitive field of flag football.