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Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Second Pick

The Future King, part II.


Welcome to the second stop on "Victory Road", where I walk you through the league's best fantasy flag football team. I started off with the most freakish athlete on the offensive side of the ball, a Mr. Rob Gronkowski. I can count on the Tom Brady-Gronk connection to keep racking up points, but I needed an element that could fluster the opposing offenses and elevate our defense to the top of the charts.

The best way to stop a Tom Brady offense? Pressure up the gut.

Playing with the rules, defenders have to count to "Three Mississippi" before rushing the passer, and they also get one blitz per possession. So I needed to find a player who can get to Tom immediately after the three count, while also providing the necessary versatility to drop into coverage if need be.

So why not take the biggest freak of an athlete on the defensive side of the ball, Mr. Chandler Jones?

Jones was a rookie sensation before hurting his ankle (but injuries don't count here!) and he is sure to give Brady fits. Like Gronk, Jones has the length to knock down passes, as well as the agility to drop into the flat to cover receivers. In fact, coach Bill Belichick expanded Jones' role over the season to include more 3-4 looks as Jones played a little more standing up. And we know that Chandler has the ability to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

I think our defense has its cornerstone.

On offense, Jones can be an impact player. He comes from a family of athletes, so you know that his hands have to come with some ability. Oh, and in high school? "Averaged a team-best 17.4 yards per reception as a tight end." I think we have our second tight end in our patented Brady two-tight end offense. Add in the fact that he can help out with some blocking (Aqib Talib at 6'1, 205 is the tallest and heaviest person drafted on any of the other teams), it looks like Rich's Team is ready to leave its mark.

The fire continues to burn.