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Patriots Flag Football: Adam's Second Pick

After addressing my team's offense, I go with with a tried-and-true defensive presence to limit the big targets.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At first glance, you might be a bit perplexed to see a linebacker taken so early in this draft. While an MLB at the professional level certainly isn't lacking in athleticism or big-play ability, they do possess a skillset that won't always translate to the grass-stained confines of the flag football arena. There were still some tempting names to pull at skill positions late in the second round, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to fortify my defense in a big way.

With my second pick, I selected Jerod Mayo.

With Rob Gronkowski off the board, I needed a big, rangy body that could compete in ways that a smaller-framed running back or wideout wouldn't. In Mayo, I've added a player with a mightily impressive football intellect that could clog the middle of the field and force all-time Tom to throw deep to some talented but unproven receivers. The Patriots dismantle their opponents by feasting on the middle of the field, and I foresee Alec, Greg and Rich's strategies to be similar as they spend early draft picks to address the slot. Mayo's my best shot to flummox my opponents and make them best me in other, less conventional ways.

Mayo could be somewhat of a liability on offense, but I plan to open up my playbook when my team's threatening near the goal line. He could flourish in a fullback-type role, or even as a makeshift tight end depending on how the rest of my draft plays out. After all, he's shown a knack for creating some game-swaying turnovers--I trust his adept hands to get the job done, Mayo has also shown flashes of brilliance when used as a pass rusher, and while I'm limited in that capacity with only one blitz allowed per each set of downs, it could be an important move as I try to quickly remove the defense from the field of play and score more points on offense.

And as a locker room presence? Sure, the stakes aren't incredibly high during a flag football contest, but we're going up against some crafty, creative coaches that know Patriot personnel almost as well as Bill Belichick himself. I like the idea of Mayo barking commands as he organizes coverage, keeping everyone on the same page even in moments of near-defeat. He's a lock to record 100+ tackles in the New England defense, so it's not hard to see Mayo effectively wrapping up each opponent that dares to attack me in between the numbers. I could construct a throne not dissimilar to Game of Thrones, colorful flags taking the place of battle-etched swords.

Suffice it to say, this promises to be an epic war, and one in which I've addressed both sides of the ball by adding a top-flight playmaker on each side.

We're back to defending champion Alec who will make the first pick of the third round.