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Patriots Flag Football: Kiper's Commentary, Round Two

Round two is over and the teams are starting to emerge. Let's see where they stand.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Before we look at the picks, let's recap the selections from Round One. Keep in mind that each team has the use of Tom Brady on offense and Jamie Collins on defense.

Alec Shane - Devin McCourty CB/S and all around great athlete.

Greg Knopping - Danny Amendola WR/KR/PR and shifty as the Saharan sands.

Rich Hill - Rob Gronkowski. TE and unstoppable over the middle and up the seam.

Adam Fox - Shane Vereen. RB/WR with loads of speed and shiftiness.

There are obvious needs for all teams, and as the rounds continue we'll see teams differentiate themselves more and more. How many shifty slot type players do the Patriots have anyway?

Round Two:

Alec Shane chose Julian Edelman. As it stood Alec and Greg seemed to be locked toe to toe. With Alec's selection of a true offensive player, and one that has more than a passing knowledge of the defense, he pulled ahead a bit. With Edelman in the star CB role, he can move McCourty around to either outside CB or as FS where he really shines. On offense, Edelman in the slot or backfield can allow McCourty to use his speed on the outside. The addition of Edelman gives him more flexibility with McCourty. That's Patriots football.

Greg Knopping chose Aqib Talib. Alec thrusted and Greg parried. The teams are built almost identically: athletic corners and shifty slot guys. I'd say it's po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to as far as whose ahead with these guys. Greg has the better receiver in Amendola, but Edelman has experience in more places. Tom Brady can find either guy. This logjam will be decided in the later rounds I think.

Rich Hill chose Chandler Jones. They say if you're going to go, go big! Rich certainly has. On offense, he has two guys that can tower over the competition in the Gronk and Jones. While he can't necessarily keep up with the shiftier and faster players on defense, he may not have to. He has three guys on defense that will make it difficult for Brady to get the ball out, and so far no one can block them. Rich is definitely marching to the beat of a different drummer.

Adam Fox chose Jerod Mayo. Speaking of different drums, and I love drumming, Adam strayed from the small shifty script to grab the best overall linebacker the Patriots have. Mayo has sideline to sideline speed and is a tackling flag pulling machine. Go ahead and send your shifty slot guys across the middle, he dares you. On offense, Mayo projects to Tight-End or Fullback. With the only real running back on his team, perhaps Adam is going with a ground and pound running attack that will open up the pass later.