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Bill Belichick Press Conference Discussion Thread

Discussion thread for Bill Belichick's first press conference following the Aaron Hernandez arrest.


In many ways, it is kind of unimaginable that a Bill Belichick press conference could generate this much buzz. I mean it is a Bill Belichick press conference.

I understand that everyone can’t wait to hear Belichick’s first comments on the Aaron Hernandez situation, but it’s not hard to imagine what they’re going to be.

“We’re disappointed with the way the situation played out, but we’re here to focus on the players who are on our roster.”

We’ll hear Belichick give several variations of that answer, but that’s probably what we’ll get. Of course, there figures to be more media than usual covering the press conference, so I’m sure we’ll get some obscure questions. And I’m sure it will be entertaining hearing Belichick rebuff those questions.

So feel free to use this thread to discuss the press conference. And who knows, perhaps we’ll even get a real football question or two. Since, you know, football is actually starting on Friday.

Belichick’s press conference will begin at 1:45 PM ET. It will stream live on