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Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Fourth Pick

Four Scores and Seven Wins ago...

Rich Schultz

So let's recap.

I started off with Rob Gronkowski to mark my offense as best in the league, followed that with Chandler Jones to elevate my defense, and then took Ras-I Dowling to be my weapon on the outside.

I feel like I'm just playing with house money at this point.

I'll even give it to Alec- I really, really wanted Adrian Wilson on my team. I didn't think he would've been drafted so early so I took a shot and hoped he would've fallen to me at this pick. Wilson has some serious size/speed that can counter my elite tight end attack of Gronkowski/Jones.

But while we're looking at size, let's watch the Rich get richer as I take wide receiver/defensive back Mark Harrison.

Now sure, Harrison is unproven in the NFL. He's an undrafted rookie. He has a history of injuries (although they don't count here!). He might not even make the real team. But for flag football? He absolutely fits the bills.

Let's review the numbers: 6'3, 231 lbs, 4.46s 40, 10'9 Broad, 6.99 3 Cone. Someone done and put Aqib Talib's athleticism in Adrian Wilson's body. I think I have my man.

Harrison is a freak who can play inside or outside receiver (I'll use him on the outside). He has quality ability, but was hurt in college due to poor quarterback play. His speed makes him a dangerous weapon and you just know that Brady's going to find a way to put it in his hands once he breaks down the field. He's my big target at every level of the field.

Oh, and did you know that he played some defense in high school, even registering two interceptions in one game? I think I may have just found my centerfielder on defense. No one's throwing over the top on him and he has the speed to cut down anyone in front of him.

Oh, and yeah, I'm building up a team of players that are the equivalent of the eight graders picking on the fifth graders. You can't overcome this size.